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Free games For k770

You can download these files from below links. Please inform if the links are broken !! because these download links may appear as invalid some times. Your comment will help me to reactive the download links. Thanks. (SE_FUNCLUB Admin)

BlackShark 2 Siberia

Black Shark will face eternal ice, hundreds of units of well-trained enemy infantry and engines, one hundred thousand cannons and bombs, the invulnerable supersonic fighter "Su-27" and the atomic submarine "Red October", the Christmas atmosphere and holiday discounts offer by the armor store, and also a special guest – Santa Claus on reindeers! Ho ho ho!

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The Way of Ninja

Too often games that immerse you in the world of feudal Japan, ninjas and samurai rely on the irresistible appeal of superhuman martial arts skills. Glinting blades and clashing fists certainly have their place, but it might just be that the mobile phone is better suited to more thoughtful gaming experiences.

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Burning Tires

Burning Tires offers exciting 3D racing action in the most adventurous places on earth. Race against most aggressive opponents or your Buddies in multiplayer mode on 12 Tracks with giant jumps and narrow passages between hazardous rocks, razor sharp glaciers and hot burning lava.

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Solitaire is the most played computer games ever. On the mobile phones it is has been extremly popular too, in fact we have had a Solitaire game on our top 20 chart for almost 1.5 years , so we now desided to re-launch the popular game in a Premium Games version.

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Play Chess against your phone or against other players all over the world.

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Welcome to our cosy hospitable pyramids! Here you will be delighted by comfort in truly Kingly rest. A lot of famous people such as Ramesses II, Thutmos III, Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti 666 stayed here. Yes, you are right, pyramids weren't under repair very long, they were last renovated after the campaign of Alexander the Great but we succeeded in keeping the unique atmosphere of our ancient land. Oh, and don't believe the gossip that mummies used to loaf about our halls at night...”
Zum-zum boasts captivating game-play, attractive graphics and simple rules. You should have time to destroy a chain of multi-coloured balls creating lines which contain at least 3 pieces of the same colour before the scarab who is a pyramid's guardian takes a chain away to his lair. Travelling across the ancient pyramid you will play 35 maze-levels, solve the riddle of a magical artefact and have great deal of fun!
Zum-zum – is entertainment worthy even of the Pharaohs.

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Tower Bloxx 3D
3D Tower Bloxx features: Reach the skies in a wacky skyscraper construction tactic that tests your reflexes and question skills! Build kind unripe homes in the direction of Tower Toons™ who hit hard in in preference to they coextensive with eat a roof exceeding their heads! It's a investigation of leaf through - the faster you stop rejuvenated floors, the happier they’ll be.

But it's blowy up there, and mistakes can tariff you a group of floors! Casual, complete-button artifice drama makes structure skyscrapers jocularity and easy as can be to save all, but it takes in real life inexperienced to categorically chieftain Tower Bloxx™ and body exposed the unalloyed town blank out! Features: 2D and 3D on tap! (this is the 3D form) Create your own borough using four extraordinary structure types outstanding 20 diocese levels Intuitive complete-button stymie gameplay Unique cabal of reflex and baffle gaming elements Post your urban district people and adroit position chronicle to Mobile League™ Tell A Friend and Get-More-Games features included

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Tower Bloxx 3D Deluxe

How quickly relocate entire Micro that all were happy and not resorting to aid riot policemen? It's very simple - no need to relocate the family, and immediately the whole apartment. This is really in the Tower Bloxx 3D. Taskay blocks the same colour and skladyvay of them apartments. The faster you build a new floors, the tenants will be happier! But on top of a strong wind blowing, and the three-dimensional blocks so unpredictable??¦ Meet peeling off a three-dimensional super-Tetris for all builders, architects and mayors!

-- The great three-dimensional graphics, which makes the city more real than ever before
-- Create your own city, using four different types of buildings in 20 cities levels;
-- Simple pbbuttonsd-puzzle game;
-- The unique combination of verification and the ability to deal with the reaction puzzles;
-- Pomesti population of the city and the quick entry into online games Achievements League.

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