Monday, September 8, 2008

K550 t0 W610 Using XS++

You can download these files from below links. Please inform if the links are broken !! because these download links may appear as invalid some times. Your comment will help me to reactive the download links. Thanks. (SE_FUNCLUB Admin)

This tutorial will help you to flash K550 to W610 using XS++

Sonyericsson unlocking and/or De-branding Supported Models:
A Series: A3618s
D Series: D750, D750i
F Series: F500i
J Series: J200c, J200i, J210c, J210i, J220i, J220c, J230i, J230c, J300a, J300c, J300i
K Series: K300a, K300i, K300c, K310a, K310c, K310i, K320i, K500, K500c, K500i, K506c, K508c, K508i, K510a, K510c, K510i, K530i, K550i, K550c, K600i 3G, K608i 3G, K610i, K618i, K700, K700c, K700i, K750i, K750c, K770, K758c, K790a, K790c, K790i, K800i, K810i, K818c
P Series: P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910a, P910c, P910i
R Series: R520m, R520mc, R600
S-Series: S500i, S500c, S700c, S700i, S710i
T Series: T39m, T62u, T65, T66, T68m, T68i, T68ie, T100, T105, T200, T202, T226, T226m, T226i, T230, T237, T237s, T238, T290a, T290c, T290i, T300, T300c, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T600, T610, T616, T618, T628, T630, T637, T650i, T658c,
V Series: V600i 3G , V630i, V800 3G, V802 SE
W series: W200i, W200a, W200c, W300i, W300c, W550c, W550i, W580i, W580c, W600a, W600i, W610i, W610c, W660i, W700i, W700c, W710i, W710c, W800c, W800i, W810a, W810i, W830i, w830c, W850i, W880i, W900i, W900c
Z series: Z200, Z208, Z300a, Z300c, Z300i, Z310i, Z310c, Z500a, Z500c, Z500i, Z502i, Z520a, Z520c, Z520i, Z525a, Z525c, Z530a, Z530c, Z530i, Z550c, Z550i,Z558i, Z558c, Z600, Z608i, Z610i, Z710i, Z710c, Z712a, Z800i 3G, Z1010i 3G, Z1010c 3G

The phone is greatly improved when the firmware is changed to its almost identical brother, the W610i. When you change it over, you will end up with the brilliant Walkman 2.0 software (with megabass etc) and fancy features such as flash menus. Basically, you turn it into a W610i with a superior camera. Below I will be explaining how you go around doing this (I am not responsible for any damage caused to your phone, use at your own risk, also, this may invalidate your warranty. The firmware images available on this site, are not the latest versions. I will do my best to post newer versions when I find them. Another thing - If you have a K550 that was bought before July 2007, you will need to upgrade your phone to CID52 by using the Sony Ericsson Update Service. This is apparently because XS++ only supports flashing of CID52. UPDATE: DO NOT USE SONY ERICSSON UPDATE SERVICE TO UPDATE, AS IT WILL NOW UPDATE YOUR PHONE TO THE NEWLY RELEASED CID53, SETOOL/XS++ ETC DO NOT SUPPORT IT, AND THERE ARE NOT A LOT OF FIRMWARES AVALIABLE FOR CID53 YET.

You can upgrade your Sony Ericsson K550 in to W610 pretty easy.When you change it over, you will get

1) Walkman 2.0 software (with megabass)
2) Ability to change Walkman Skins
3) Flash Themes/Menus compatibility
4) Ability to change Radio themes
5) Apply patches and tweak your phone as you need
6) Change Video recording format 3gp to mp4

To flash your phone you need to follow only 6 steps.

1. Install USB Flash Drivers to your computer
2. Backing up the GDFS (Global Distribution File System)
3. Select the correct firmware for your phone
4. Flashing the firmware to your phone
5. Install acoustics/camdrivers
6. Upgrading the EROM

Oki Lets start the game step by step.....

Foot Icon Step 1

To work XS++ software , you need to install USB flash drivers to your computer.

Download USB Flash driver

Extract the rar file
Right click on ggsemc.inf and install.

Now switch off your phone.
Hold down the “C” button on your phone and plugin the USB cable
Windows will detect a flash device.
If Windows doesn’t install them automatically Enter the path where you extracted the flash drivers.
tick symbol
Well done step one completed


Foot IconFoot Icon Step 2

Download XS++ and install it on your computer

Now we are ready to Backing up the GDFS.

If th GDFS is damaged your phone might not work properly. The GDFS contains the calibration data of your phone.Therefore you should backup the GDFS of your phone before you do the flashing.

1. Switch off the phone remove the battery and reinsert it.

2. Click On Connect

3. Connect the USB cable to your PC while holding down the “C” button.

(Click to Enlarge)


4. Choose the “GDFS” tab (in “Configuration” on the bottom right)

(Click to Enlarge)


5. Click “Backup GDFS”

Done....... This back up will help you whenever you make a mistake
tick symbol
Well done step Two completed


Foot IconFoot IconFoot Icon Step 3

Selecting the correct firmware for your phone

(Click to Enlarge)


When XS++ connects the phone it will show your phones EROM CID and Color. You need find the correct firmware to flash your phone.
You have to match

Region Codes: Firmwares are designed for different languages and specific regions.
If you want to debrand your phone you have to use GENERIC firmware files.

Check out the Languages Description find out which region you are in.

Click here for help picking the right CDA.

Download your Firmware from here

You need to download Main firmware and File system firmware for w610 only. forget about the custom packs. I'll tell you when they needed.

Did you find your firmware. ? Good ...

tick symbol
Well done step Three completed


Foot IconFoot IconFoot Icon

Foot Icon Step 4

Flashing the firmware........

Ok.. Now the danger part.... Be cool..

(Click to Enlarge)


1. Switch off your phone. Remove your battery and reinsert it.
2. Connect your phone while holding down the “C” button.
3. XS++ will connect.
Check “Flash Main Firmware” and select your Main firmware
Check “Flash File System” and select File system firmware

4. Then press the “Flash” button.

This will take several minutes to compete the flashing.
Oki now your phone is flashed in to w610 Walkman.

remove the battery and reinsert it ans switch on your 4n.

Have you got a problem ????
NO signals ha ??? Don't worry.

Now the Last part.
Customize the file system.

Repeat the above
1. Switch off your phone. Remove your battery and reinsert it.
2. Connect your phone while holding down the “C” button.
3. Check on Customize file system and select the phone model.
4. Select the CDA and Region
5. Then press the “Flash” button.

if the custpack you need is not implemented in XS++:
4. Download the custpack you need
5. Extract the files into the “own_custpack” folder in XS++ .Make sure that the first folder in own_custpack is “tpa”
6. Do steps 1. and 2.
7. Check “Customize file system”
8. Select “Own Custpack” in the “Select phone Model” dropdown menu
9. Press the “Flash” button

tick symbol
Well done step Four completed


I Recorded a XS++ flashing tutorial video for you. Please watch the video before you continue the Flashing.

Enjoy the Music.

(The video Published here is low quality)
If you want download this XS++ Video tutorial for free from this link

Download High quality XS++ Flashing Tutorial


5inis4 said...

Hi!...i alredy flash my K500@W610 in mobile service!And when i come home to add some flash themes, my xs++ dosn't read the phone(like i do nothing)...I install usb driver i again nothing..can anybody tell how to connect phone to xs++

Prasanna said...

Pls follow the step 1..
Download the XS++ i have given and USB driver

forhan said...

18:27:13| Platform: DB2020
18:27:13| OTP CID: 51
18:27:13| EROM CID: 49
18:27:13| EROM Color: Brown
18:27:13| IMEI: 35273302xxxxxx
18:27:13| Phone ID: K550
18:27:13| Region: EUROPE_1
18:27:13| CDA: CDA102568/10 R1A
18:27:13| Firmware Version: R8BC004
18:27:13| EROM: R3A022

I live in Bangladesh(Asia).My phone is orange branded.Should I proceed to the flashing of k550 to w610?

Prasanna samarasinghe said...

Hi forhan ,

Its hard to find out your firmware...
If you are able to download your firmware ( R8BC004 Brown main firmware) It is possible to flash your 4n.


fl3107 said...

What can I do if I updated my k550i with Sony Ericsson Update Service to CID53 ?

Prasanna samarasinghe said...

To fl3107 :
SEUS will update phone to CID53 and XS++ 3.1 can’t work on it anymore.

If phone is CID53 use JDflasher.

Yilin said...

15:24:32| TURN OFF PHONE!
15:24:32| Hold 'C' button on phone and connect phone NOW.
15:24:32| You have 30 seconds...
15:25:08| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
15:25:10| Disconnected... Unplug the phone

Why i can't flash ?