Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Flash G502 to C905 (Tutorial: Flashing A2 phones)

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Hi ....
Lets try to Flash G502.. :-)

As the G502 is an A2 phone this is a Tutorial for Flashing A2 phones.

First we have to get the A2 file access & flasher tool.
(You need Main , FS, and custom files as usual.)

Oki.. lets start the business..

Foot Icon Step 1

1) install ggsetup- for USB flash drivers.

2) Open the A2 file access & flasher tool:

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Foot IconFoot Icon Step 2

1) Press the "Add" button:

2) Loacate MAIN and FS. You can flash them both at the same time.

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Foot IconFoot IconFoot Icon Step 3

1) Once you've added them, press the "Flash"

2) Hold "C" key and connect the cable. It'll start flashing the phone if you connect the phone right. (If "C'" not working try to press "2+5")
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Foot Icon Step 4

1) When it's done, disconnect the phone, take out the battery and reinsert it.

2) Finlay the customization. Press the "FileSystem tool" button. Hold "C" key and connect the cable (If "C'" not working try to press "2+5")

3) Find the location TPA > PRESET > CUSTOM. Drag and drop all the files that are within the custom we downloaded.

4) When they are all uploaded, press the "Shutdown" button.

5 ) Disconnect the phone and take out the battery, reinsert it and turn it on.

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Well done all steps completed. The phone's ready to work. Eset Nod32 username password

100% working eset nod32 username and password from


Prasanna samarasinghe said...

Special thanks to "tranced @ esato forum"

This tutorial was upload for the request of "hendika".

hendika said...

thank you Bro..
now I'll try modding my g502 :)

Roni said...

Hi Mr Prasanna...
Do you have Screenshot G502 to C905. please i need it!!
By the way... u have great Blog :)

Anonymous said...

can give me the screen shot?
and can give the link to download the firmware n asia/indonesia c905 custpack?