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G502 Flashing tutorial to R1FA037

You can download these files from below links. Please inform if the links are broken !! because these download links may appear as invalid some times. Your comment will help me to reactive the download links. Thanks. (SE_FUNCLUB Admin)

Please note: The firmware update will remove the warranty from your mobile.
(I am not responsible for any damage caused to your phone, use at your own risk)

Preparation before entering the firmware update process:

  • Charge you Battery to full (min 50%)
  • Pull the SIM card and an external memory Out.
  • Firmware update will delete the files and settings in the media and settings to default. Including contacts stored in the phone so do backup first using MyPhoneExplorer.exe. Later after the firmware update is complete, the backup file can be returned to again in the mobile phone.
  • Firmware update process may fail and your phone will not work if the computer dies / die or restart. Use UPS when possible.

Tools needed:

  • A2uploader
  • DCU-60 or DCU-65
  • G502 Handphone
Download Files Needed....

1. A2uploader, used to send files and backup files from the Sony Ericsson paltform A200 mobiles. + USB Flash Drives
2. Flash theme , Simply go to this link and download compatible flash theme.

3. Audio Accustic More Better for G502 was taken from the firemware SE W980 series
4. Better Camera for G502, taken from the firemware SE K series
5. Accustic Original G502, taken from the original Sony Ericsson G502 (IF you like originals)
6. Other Flash Theme for Sony Ericsson paltform A200

7. G502 Firmware R1FA037 Main

8. G502 Firmware R1FA037 FS

9. Customize ID G502 (this pack is for ppl in Indonesia. please find your custom pack from below)
You can Also download more firmware versions for G502 these links.

You have to select correct firmware for your mobile.
You have to match


Region Codes: Firmwares are designed for different languages and specific regions.
If you want to debrand your phone you have to use GENERIC firmware files.

Check out the Languages Description find out which region you are in.

Click here for help picking the right CDA.

Oki lets Start !!!.

Foot Icon Step 1

Open A2uploader
Click Add, and enter the both R1FA037 Main and R1FA037 FS into A2uploader

(Click to Enlarge)


Click the Flash, and then plug the USB cable to the mobile key while pressing 2 (Or a combination of key 2 and 5).

When Flash starts the process (will flash xxx block) as the picture below.

(Click to Enlarge)


Wait until flash process is finish, DO NOT disturb the computer. Flash process is complete after when message appear

ssw file accepted
Elapsed: XX secs.

(Click to Enlarge)


Foot IconFoot Icon Step 2

Close A2uploader software and pull the USB cable from phone. The MEdia Net start first, can hang up.

Open A2uploader again, and then click File System Tools .

Connect the data cable to G502 while pressing the button 2.
When ok, A2uploader will display as READY.

Navigate to TPA / preset / custom

Drag and drop the Customization files G502 for your country region.

(Click to Enlarge)


Then it looks like this

(Click to Enlarge)


Foot IconFoot IconFoot Icon Step 3

Click Shutdown FS Manager, and pull the USB cable from mobile

The process is completed Your mobile is now DONE flash.
Turn you mobile on and wait 2 to5 minutes for the update of latest firmware settings.

Foot IconFoot IconFoot Icon

Foot Icon Step 4

Now you can restore your backup files.

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