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Send a Virus To Your Friend

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Here is some great virus like image that shut downs the sony ericsson mobiles when the image is viewed by the mobile. Actually this is not a virus, this image is crated according to software bug on sony ericsson mobiles. You can send this image via bluetooth to your friend to have a fun.

Just try it.

I am not responsible for any damage to your Mobile of using this image!!

Trojans That Target Cell Phones And PDA's!
It is not just PCs that are vulnerable to virus attacks these days--now you also have to protect your phone from mobile phone virus and PDA, too.
Advanced mobile phones run the same kind of applications as desktop and laptop computers, and they have multiple wireless connections so they too get infected by mobile phone virus and spread cell phone virus.

There are currently about 100 mobile viruses that can disable a phone or create bills of hundreds of dollars by sending pricey picture messages. The first mobile virus spreading "in the wild" emerged less than two years ago. While this is still a tiny number compared with personal computer viruses, the threat is expected to increase.

What Are Mobile Trojans?
Mobile Trojans is one type of cell phone virus. A Trojan is a program that appears desirable but contains harmful virus or a worm. When the program is downloaded it turns out to be a malicious code or mobile Trojan that compromises your confidential information stored on the mobile or PDA. These mobile Trojans spread through blue tooth, and multi media messages. These mobile Trojans once installed in your mobile starts sending SMS and pricey MMS and you end up losing money.

What Mobile Trojans Do?
Some of the common mobile Trojans to have attacked mobile phones and smart phones are: SymbOS.Sendtool. - a Trojan horse that runs on the Symbian operating system, which is the operating system used for Nokia series 60 mobile phones. The Trojan horse drops a hacktool that can be used to send malicious programs, such as variants of the SymbOS.PBStealer family of Trojans, to other mobile devices via Bluetooth.

CDropper is a family of Symbian SIS file Trojan that will install Cabir variant(s) into the device. Some of the installed Cabirs will replace system or common third party applications. If user has one of those applications installed into system it gets replaced with Cabir and its icon in the menu will go blank.

Which Phones Are Affected – Smart-Phones, Mobiles Running Java
The arrival of the smart phones & PDAs has led the way to cell phone spyware, PDA virus, mobile virus on the new platform. The problem seems especially severe for the series 60 platform, due to it's use by the major handset manufacturers like Nokia and sony ericsson. The main reason is that commwarrior a new trojan horse is affecting it more rapidly then any other model. Similarly the java script mobiles are affected first than anyone as many virus are captured easily in it.

One of the reasons for the relatively slow spread of cell phone virus so far has been the greater variety of software running cellular phones compared with computers, which mostly run on Microsoft's Windows operating system. However since symbian is commonly used by many smart phones like Nokia and Sony Ericsson, they have become mobile phone virus favorite target.

How Does Mobile Trojans Get Downloaded?
Business users utilize their mobiles and smart phones not only for company business, but also for e-mail, instant messaging, browsing the Web, downloading and sharing files over the Internet, as well as for checking financial accounts. Majority of smart phone users store confidential personal, business or client data on their devices. Many use their PDAs and mobiles to send and receive e-mails that include confidential personal data; they also use mobile phones to access bank accounts. While this is great convenience, it also makes mobiles susceptible to Trojans and other spyware to be installed.

What Mobile Trojans Can Do?
The mobile phone Trojans will affect your mobile in two ways. They are annoying malware, which will drain your battery or try and send premium rate messages but will do no real damage to the phone itself. Then you have the more malicious malware that can disable programs or even disable the phone itself. Needless to say it is undesirable to contract any of these files. Annoying activities of a Trojan would be changing your desktop around or silly icons appearing. Malicious damage from a Trojan is capable of deleting files on your mobile or PDA and allowing personal and confidential information to be collected without you being aware. Eset Nod32 username password

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